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    After writing my post that @equity78 quoted, I realized...

    1. that Epik's banner ad here on NP claims they offer "escrow".

    2. that the title of this thread also claims Epik offers "escrow" services.

    Not good, IMHO. But I am not a lawyer.

    I guess what it really comes down to is if it is illegal in the USA to call a service "escrow" even if you are not registered and regulated as an escrow service. If there is no federal law concerning this, then it would have to be taken from a state level (which is the angle Escrow.com seems to be taking).

    I can definitely see why an escrow company would not be happy if other businesses can claim to offer escrow services without licensing/regulation, yet they have to spend money on said licensing and regulation simply because they exclusively operate as an escrow service. It makes no sense. If all you need is trust from the public to profitably offer escrow services, then why is Escrow.com different than anyone else? Why should they have to be subject to regulation and whatnot?

    My guess is, if in fact it is not legal to claim to be an escrow service without actually be licensed and regulated as such, then someday there's gonna be a big govt smack-down (federal or state) on those that use "escrow" to describe their "safe buying process".

    Again, I'm not a lawyer and I don't claim to be.
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    We are considering that option, though the legal definition of escrow is very generic:

    Ballentine's Law Dictionary
    A deed; the delivery of an instrument to a third party who is to deliver it to the grantee or promisee upon the fulfillment of some condition, such as the payment of money. See 130 Am. St. Rep. 911, note.

    Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition
    A scroll; a writing; a deed. Particularly a deed delivered by the grantor into the hands of a third person, to be held by the latter until the happening of a contingency or performance of a condition, and then by him delivered to the grantee. Thomas v. So wards, 25 Wis. 631; Patrick v. McCormick, 10 Neb. 1, 4 N. W. 312; Cagger v. Lansing, 57 Barb. (N. Y.) 427; Davis v. Clark, 58 Kan. 100, 48 Pac. 563; Easton v. Driscoll, 18 R. I. 313, 27 Atl. 445. A grant may be deposited by the grantor with a third person, to be delivered on the performance ofi a condition, and on delivery by the depositary it will take effect. While in the possession of the third person, and subject to condition, it is called an "escrow." Civil Code Cal. § 1057; Civll Code Dak. § 609. The state or condition of a deed which ls conditionally held by a third person, or the possession and retention of a deed by a third person pending a condition; as when an instrument is said to be delivered "in escrow." This use of the term, however, is a perversion of its meaning.

    We use the term in the generic sense -- trusted 3rd party. In our case, we buy domains and we sell domains, and sometimes we do so with no profit. We are regulated by ICANN as an accredited registrar and govern ourselves accordingly.

    I have said it before, if Escrow.com plans to continue to have the moral high ground as "Domain Escrow", they should become a registrar. Right now, they are a bank without a vault, introducing counter-party risk, procedural delay and expense where none is needed.
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    I cannot disagree with that.
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    The buyer bought another cheaper name elsewhere I guess, was in a rush and didn’t give a chance. Which is fine ... .com values will still be going up in 2020
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    @Rob Monster any chance you'll implement auctions feature in the future?
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    What a joke that is, "ESCROW", but you have to trasfer it to our registrar to do it
    Use Sedos escrow or Undeveloped.com

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