If End Users Find & Read NamePros - Good or Bad?

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Is it good or bad if end users find and read NamePros?

  1. All good if end users read NP

    137 votes
  2. Bad if end users read NP

    193 votes
  3. Other - Please explain

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Total: 349 vote(s)
  1. Internet.Domains

    Internet.Domains Account Closed (Requested) VIP

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    If end users find and read the conversations on NamePros is it good or bad?

    Is there a better chance of UDRP's?

    Can domain values be hurt by end users reading NamePros?

    Can price discrepancies be an issue?

    Any other issues?

    Please discuss.
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  2. Internet.Domains

    Internet.Domains Account Closed (Requested) VIP

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    Now my take.

    I feel end users can be educated on the value and importance of domains on NamePros. I find NP's is a great resource for end users to understand the true value and importance of domains. With value comes profits and profits is what domain investing is all about.

    By educating, inviting and being inclusive to end users we are creating more value and ultimately creating larger profits for our domains.

    To conclude, I invite and encourage end users to visit NamePros.

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  3. moe

    moe Established VIP

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    There is a good chance that the educated end user may also become a domainer. Just saying.
  4. Internet.Domains

    Internet.Domains Account Closed (Requested) VIP

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    Yes, there are many educated end users. Amazon, Microsoft and Apple are a few that come to mind. They all reg and own many domains.
  5. Bravo Mod Team

    Bravo Mod Team Moderator, NamePros Moderator PRO VIP Gold Account

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    Fortunately, each domain name is one of a kind. End users can argue that similar domains can be purchased for $8, but the fact will remain that if they want your domain name, they must pay what you ask. This is why some of the most prominent domainers do not mind sharing with the public what they paid for their domains; they know it doesn't matter because they control the price it will sell for next. :)
  6. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes Top Member NameTalent VIP Gold Account Trusted Blogger

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    I don''t worry about it from a UDRP point of view.

    However, it would mean that end users would become familiar with wholesale and retail pricing, and in some cases that will add resistance to closing sales. For that reason I voted Other, although for the most part I don't have a real problem with it.

    I think that domain investors should always act professional and be polite. While some feel they can turn that on and off, I think that is unwise, and if end users viewed NamePros threads it is all the more important to be professional all the time - something I personally think we should do.

    I think the ideal situation would be a separate section of NamePros geared to end users and those who wished to interact with them could in that section. Also, to have a different sort of Requests thread in that section, where an end user wanting a domain name of a certain type could request submissions.

    Overall I think our community could be enriched by having those who are not into domain investing but work in closely related areas (web hosting, business branding, company naming, marketing, web design, advertising, online security, personal branding, etc.) were part of our community.

    Thanks for the thread idea, @Internet.Domains!

  7. biggie

    biggie VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    to assume, that no end-users are currently members of namepros or whether they have read threads and posts on namepros, would be a very big assumption.

    and... if they read thru domains wanted section, then they (end-users) would know NOT to reveal themselves to the community..... since almost everybody who post requests there has to state that "they are a reseller, not an end-user"

    I think end-users from large to small pockets, already roam the forum, just like you and me
    and they prolly reading this thread too.

  8. Lox

    Lox _____ VIP Gold Account

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    End user don’t have time, nerves and enough energy to handle Bumps and bloated DM with unrelated domains. For the outside world this is a very wolf packed place. (Confirmed info)
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  9. Silentptnr

    Silentptnr Top Contributor VIP

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    Most non domain investor "end-users" don't know much about domain names, hosting, etc. I just had a conversation with a bright guy that didn't know that .us even existed.

    Based on some of the quality and associated prices here on NP, I think it sets the stage for what premium domains might really cost. If is selling or $1500 on NamePros, a good, short, pronounceable domain name must cost much, much more. It does.

    I started as an "end-user". The more I learned about domain name investing, the more I wanted to invest and in better and better names. I think the same happens to others.
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  10. JB Lions

    JB Lions Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    There are some domains I own for personal use that I would never have if I didn't get into domaining. I wouldn't know about the Aftermarket, places like Namejet, Snapnames, Sedo etc. how things worked etc.

    1) Namejet -------------Me---------------End User

    2) Namejet--------------End User

    I like #1 better. And there are already plenty of end users that are aware and participate in the Aftermarket and such but I don't see any benefit to more of them.
  11. eurorealtor

    eurorealtor VIP

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    Public (end users) should get educated about the value and importance of domain names, NP is great tool for that.
  12. Haroon Basha

    Haroon Basha IZUQ.COM VIP Gold Account

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    NamePros is for the domain name traders. This platform is certainly not for the End users. They do not have time to visit here and moreover, they will not get the names they want here at NamePros.
  13. biggie

    biggie VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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  14. oldtimer

    oldtimer Do some good for humanity and the environment VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    In my opinion it's a double edged sword, every Industry has its own trade secrets that are not meant to be disclosed to the consumers at large, on the other hand if end users find out about and visit sites such as NamePros, DN Journal and Domaining it might give some more legitimacy to the domain Industry, although there is the risk that all end users might become domainers themselves and not need the middlemen to buy domains from anymore.

    It's good to be able to educate the end users, but you have to be careful not to give away the Store. :)

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  15. 1Darko

    1Darko Top Contributor VIP

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    In my opinion "New members" should get access to namepros marketplace / auctions not before than after 6 month of namepros membership.

    This would avoid a lot of troubles to them and all of us - imho.
  16. Larion

    Larion Established Member

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    yeah, many companies from small to very big are all reading this forum.
    Searching for infringing domains, so they can submit their UDRP's.

    But they better read this before:

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  17. Silentptnr

    Silentptnr Top Contributor VIP

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    Everyone could shop at garage sales. Most people still like stores. More recourse if problems arise.

    Not exactly the same, but because most people are clueless about domains, they prefer to work directly with a larger platform.

    The evidence of this is, if you have domains on a personal marketplace, end users still want to buy via GD, or Sedo, etc.

    Trust is a big, big issue for people unfamiliar with the domain market.

    NP is like the wild west of domain investing.
  18. WatchDogue

    WatchDogue Top Contributor VIP

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    Virtually every industry has wholesalers, re-sellers,brokers, sellers, distributors and the ultimate end-user, the consumer.

    Consumers know or can learn about their product from a myriad of resource, think how many ways there are to research a car or vehicle pre-purchase and, how many ways there are to acquire a vehicle once the make/model/price range is decided upon.

    Domains will be no different,consumers can do searches and " learn about" the domain pre-purchase, why a domain is important, approximate price ranges, advantages of a quality domain name, etc.

    Competent, honest domain sellers should not be concerned with a potential customer learning about domain names, it could be advantageous in conducting a transaction.

    The unscrupulous seller however, may be drawn into the light and find sales more difficult with well educated end-users.

    Fine with me, originally a multiple domain name end-user, if Joe End-User finds, joins and reads NamePros!
  19. xynames

    xynames PRO VIP

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  20. poweredbyme

    poweredbyme Webmaster & Entrepreneur VIP

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    NP can affect negatively only if an user finds that the name was previously sold here. Therefore marketplace must not be public, or marketplace threads must be deleted immediately after the sale. Blocking search engine bots may not work or an end user can come here and search on NP.

    You would not want to pay $2x for something if you have found it was previously sold for $x.

    End users unlikely would be interested to learn domaining. When you want to buy a car, only 1 car, you don't want to become a car dealer. People go to bars/night clubs to have a few beers not to learn that business. You buy a plane ticket just to fly to somewhere not to start an airline company.
  21. BrandPlease

    BrandPlease VIP Gold Account

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    OK, realistically... If an end user is doing some digging before they purchase - they are not likely searching for talk about that domain, or even the value (they would find Estibot first), they are looking into you. Deciding if you are trustworthy.

    So, be fair in all aspects of your business, do make posts (all are permanent records - tell your kids that too haha) that brag about making X$ more (because the end user didn't know better), don't get involved - expect to help stop it - in shady business practices. Don't buy names that are TradeMarked.

    Treat customers like you would want to be treated buying (_____Inset product you don't know), next make it your sister, brother or mom.

    That is on no way directed at anyone in anyway - just a general take on the topic & why I dont think it should be a concern. In fact tell a prospect to read some of your NP posts when looking into you.
  22. topdom

    topdom Top Contributor VIP

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    When you meet a person for the first time, what would be the first question you ask him/her:
    -are you an enduser?

    When you educate an enduser about domains (for example , during outbounding), he may flip and become a domainer, and then you can no longer sell that domain to that person for a reasonable price. One day number of domainers may exceed number of endusers.

    A big company bought, and then I bought, .. but later learned that they were tyring to sell their domain, and of course I dropped mine. So, they were not endusers in this case, although they are a multiB company.

    An enduser may visit this site, but probably not spend much time and not learn much about a domainer's mindset.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
  23. vravis9

    vravis9 Top Contributor VIP

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    I voted for other...

    I don't think its bad because every industry has its own plus/minus in regarding prices...

    End-user in definition will be limited to use one / few domains for their own purpose.

    I don't think it will damage or change their experience...

    If any product seller knows there is a lot different version of pricing...wholesale NamePros is something like that.

    they might want to start a domain wanted request and try to get something at low price...but again it will be limited to very very few people.

    End-user will realize that there is so much to know about domains and their selling prices...they definitely realize that the content is all about domains and they soon realize it is not their business!

    you can see i mentioned different possibilities...we can not predict and panic about what's going to happen.

    I am sure some already in our members and getting some knowledge and bargain through the platform.

  24. karmaco

    karmaco Top Contributor VIP

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    I voted bad simply because this is an insiders lounge in a niche market. I’ve often thought there should be another NP site where end users can come and make requests and get branding ideas like they do elsewhere. There is a heck of alot of voices and expertise right here and we could technically have a collective branding community.
  25. imadoer

    imadoer Top Member PRO VIP

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    I voted bad. We dont need them to understand how we think. We need to be a step ahead not a step behind

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