If domain has privacy would service send message to owner?

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    Hey. I have a domain similar to another one that sold for big bucks. These big buyers are obvious targets to sell to but what if they have privacy on the domain they paid big bucks for?

    Could you contact the privacy service provider and would they actually transmit the message? like you have a similar domain they might be interested in?

    Any tricks to go about it? thanks.
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    I hope they don't. After all, that's why we elect to have privacy. :)

    You could try to track someone down through the hosting, if you really feel there is a possibility that they would be interested in the name. If the name sold through a broker, you could contact the broker.
  3. frank-germany

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    send it to the email in whois
    it will likely redirected to the owner
  4. dnrabbit

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    There are 3 types of private registration.
    • One is like GoDaddy where your email becomes [email protected] where is the name you bought.
    • Second is like Network Solutions where the whois email becomes a random string of characters, like [email protected]
    • Thirdly is like Reseller Club, where your email becomes a generic one, like [email protected]
    In case of (1) and (2), you can send a mail to whois email and it will reach to owner. In (3), you can visit the website (or whatever the case may be) and they will have an online form which you can fill to transmit your message.

    99% of privacy falls into one of the above 3 cases. Of course, there can be exceptions.

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