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    Not sure how much input I am going to get on this, but I am curious about IDNs and if they're worth more than their non IDN version (mainly in other languages)?

    I've been picking up a lot of German .de domains and the common spelling for words usually includes an IDN. I understand how some people might prefer the non IDN version from a SEO standpoint, but is the non IDN version worth more than the 'correct' spelling?

    Obviously this is a pretty general question, but I would like some input just so that I don't repeat my .com with hyphen purchasing experience lol.
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    It depends who you talk to and it also depends on the market. People are generally scared of building out and IDN if the don't own the non-IDN, but I've done it in the past (8 years ago) and I ranked as well as any other website and Google displayed my domain in Unicode in the results so I would get clicks etc.. If you own IDNs just as speculation, I'd say check the traffic, keep if you have some or if the term is really a top desirable term, otherwise let go

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