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    Think its important I say this since I'm in the appraisal section often. When it comes to a quality domain and consistency in your portfolio, do NOT buy an IDN. They are of value to the person that holds them, than the wider market

    I own IDN because I think they're cute - Nothing more. If things change regarding their appeal or use...then its speculative, and I look at them as highly speculative. They are only of certain appeal to their native language, but again...still just cute. If the ".com" of a premium domain is taken (most often is), IDN facilitates that with your specific language...pretty much it, and again, not super ideal (at all)

    Unless the market changes (personally, I doubt that) ...have fun with them. They are not a wise investment, unless a very specific buying situation is there (most often, it is not)

    Stick with proper domains in your portfolio. (I like fun)
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    I do own ultra premium IDNs as digital collectibles and they all have a huge value.
    My target audience are wealthy collectors who want to upgrade their collection of digital assets.
    Whoever of them wants to own any them has to pay what I demand, simple as that.
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