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    I don't think this has yet been posted so thought I would point out an excellent response to the Verisign blog post that ICA Domain Attorney Zak Muscovitch recently wrote on CircleID. The post is longish but eloquently and clearly written, making a strong case in my opinion. Also it is rich in links to substantiate the various points made.

    Here are the four key points quoted from the post.
    • Verisign is a provider of technical registry services, it does not own the .com name space;
    • Unlike Verisign's fees, the prices set by registrars and domain name investors are held in check by competition;
    • Verisign is already well-paid for its services, as evidenced by its substantial profits;[1] and
    • ICANN need not approve fee hikes; on the contrary, ICANN ought to assert its right to set reasonable fee levels for its hired registry manager.
    One interesting point in the post was the estimate that 10% of the .com domain names are in domain investor hands.

    Clearly ICA plan to take the case against price increases to ICANN.

    I strongly urge all domain investors to give the full post a careful read.

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    well said.
    good points.

    I sincerely tought that number was much greater than 10%
    maybe a minimum of 50%

    but I guess I was wrong.

    in either case, the number is significant.. because.. if small like 10% then it means verisigns argument that so many names are help captive by domainers simply does not really stand..

    and in case the % was much greater than 10%, then it'd still mean that domainers would be providing verisign with huge amounts of income via their renewals and regs.

    etiher way u look at thigns, the post by verisign calling domainers scalpers was unprofessional. and no responsible serious company (which they are expected to be) ever engages in such comments or discussions. unless they are trying to shoot themselves in the foot.

    let's hope this was just one not well thought out comment by some renegade company member.. and does not represent the overall perception they have of their clients.
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    One of the points made in the ICA response from Zak Muscovitch is the liquidity that is improved by an active and professional domain after market. It is an important point I had not previously considered much. I quote from the post below.

    Domain Name Investors Offer a Valuable Service by Providing Liquidity to an Illiquid Market
    Domain names are notoriously illiquid investments. The holding period of domain names held by domain name investors can stretch into decades. Yet if an individual or a company wishes to immediately sell a domain name, it is the investor who steps up to provide a ready market and liquidity. If, for instance, a retiring couple who used a valuable generic domain name for their business and now wished to sell it since it was no longer needed has trouble finding an interested end-user buyer, domain name investors will often step in, bid against each other for the right to acquire the domain name, and thereby create a liquid market enabling the couple to quickly convert their domain name into cash. When Yahoo! wished to sell its domain name, it was put up for auction at a domain investor conference where the winning bidder paid $380,000.[20] Domain name investors allow domain name owners to readily obtain cash for domain names that they no longer need, or may otherwise wish to sell.
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    Good points. Thanks for sharing

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