I have created a website to turn your unused domains into content websites

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Hi Guys,

I have many domains because I was trying to sell most of them, and I wanted to launch products for other domains. But similar to many people, I also end up having many unused domains, some of which have lander pages like DAN.

Recently I have launched a platform, which can turn your unused domains into content websites in less than 60 seconds. Right now it has the following features.

1. Support 13 content categories.
2. Auto-pilot the latest content on your website
3. Custom SEO settings
4. Custom domain connection
5. Custom buttons/widgets
6. Fast loading of websites.
7. For pricing, I have set it to $5 per year

I am posting it here as I think NamePros is one of the best places for domainers and many people can use

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Interesting website, thanks.
Cant really try it out, because you have to pay to publish it.

Probably a smart idea to set a 1 published for a free account.

once created is it possible to pull it from pagepe?
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can you post your domains