“I don’t buy from domainers on principle”

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  1. DomainGuy86

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    "I don't buy domains from domainers on principle"

    ...but I'll buy an Iphone from a company that employs slave labour. I'll drive a car that pumps c02 into the atmosphere, helping to accelerate climate change. Won't think twice about it. I'll go to the store and pick up a bucket of chicken sourced from a farm that makes a quenton tarrantino movie look like a disney cartoon.

    I'll buy a domain from a large registrar whose aggressive marketing campaigns teach people that they can score "big" with their next idea.

    I'll sit idly by while the world literally implodes on itself from social inequity and strife....

    ...but toss an extra dollar to a domainer?

    No, can't do that. Lord knows some of these people need the money to feed their families....but, no...poor people can stay poor, right?


    It's called decentralization....bitcoin...microeconomies...wealth equalization. If you were really ethical you would realize most of the people clamoring for a sale actually need the money.

    Flush your "ethics" down the toilet. (Not directed at OP or anyone, just had to rant at the notion itself)
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  2. z4z4o

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    I understand disliking "squatters" but not regular people just trying to make a few dollars on a product they invested in - it's no different to haggling at markets and that's not looked down upon.

    It's something that's increasingly being used to make side money and even as an avenue to escape poverty in poorer nations and I fail to see how someone making a $100 profit on marketing a product they paid for is any worse than giving money to these huge billion dollar corps that get to dictate our lives
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  3. Riz M.

    Riz M.

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    i bought names from domainers in xx-low xxx range and turned them quick into xxxx sales...
    so these kind of guys are actually good for me... they are not buying its good... i will keep buying :)
    more will not buy... more good for me..
  4. lock

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    I generally don't sell to domainers but always negotiable as want to retain a margin. I will happily buy I understand the cowboy days and can understand point of view as industry has been plagued with problems..
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  5. dande

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    They are not the same. You can get Black Honda Accord 2019 from multiple dealers at multiple locations, you can't get from more than one dealer.
  6. GenericDomainz

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    Hello. Will you buy not from "domainers", but from private selling platform? :) :) :)
  7. Avijit Roy

    Avijit Roy Established Member

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    I don't know if this is what he does, I think a lot of domainers buy from other domainers. And not all domain are STOLEN.
  8. droned

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    I do not use Google #onprinciple ..

    *Typing on android smartphone
  9. garptrader

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    Anyone that sees how much companies spend on IT would know that five figures is no big deal if a company perceives the need for something. The issue is that within organizations there is little distinction between a newbie quality domain and the type of domain that investors would aggressively bid on because it is short, memorable and. COM
  10. .X.

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    People really took the mom and pop car dealership and ran with it LOL

    That was an example purely for the psychological side of buying.

    When you know someone paid $50 for something and they want you to pay $500 for it a short time later, it starts a couple of things, a person gets a little pissed off inside, perhaps jealous and other sh*t.

    Then the person feels like they are getting f*cked on the deal.

    You have to remember, an end user has no idea of the amount of time and knowledge a domainer spends on getting their inventory, they simply don’t know the process.

    So the end user psychology is saying to themself, a domain name costs $10 at the register, so why would I pay someone 10k for it, it is very psychological.

    I have had to explain over the phone to end users why I am asking a certain price for a name. Once they understand why, I have never had a problem. Trying to justify pricing by email is a tuff deal, so I always speak to them by phone.
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  11. Smiles76

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    Domainers live in a bubble and that makes it difficult for folks to see it from an end user's perspective.
  12. DomainRecap

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    Trust me, if the Devil himself has the goods at the right price, people be lining up to buy.

    This "I don't buy from domainers on principle" comment is just a standard "not interested" topped off with an insult.
  13. AGAME

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    Dont speak for me. :) Thanks.

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