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    As the title says, I design logos for your domains, websites, portfolios, pitches and so on.

    There are two things I assure in my work:
    1 -
    Quality comes first
    2 - Price Comes right next! :)

    So I design low cost logos that fit your needs and ideas.

    Make your domain auction more appealing with a professional logo and save dozens of dollars in expensive designs!

    Prices and Terms of Service:
    - Professional Logo (Textwork): 1 Unit -
    - Professional Logo (Textwork & Images): 1 Unit - 10$
    - Additional logos 5$ each

    Any doubts? So lets see an example:
    You have one domain and you want a logo with text and images, how much will you pay? You will pay 10$. But supose you want 3 different logo options to choose from? You will pay 10$ + 5$ + 5$.

    If you'd like to see my work please contact me trough PM or email me at (pgi.globalinvestments [at]

    Best Regards,

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