discuss How would domaining evolve in 5 years?

As for me, a 5-year perspective for domainers mean:

1) .COM would become more valuable
2) One word .COM would be gold
3) A couple of extensions apart from .COM would emerge as key. I anticipate .ORG, .IO and .XYZ
4) New extensions would keep coming and going. People won't even ask for it
5) .CO would lose value because the registry is not doing a good job

What do you think the future of domaining hold?
the fact that you choose .XYZ as one of the domains emerging not another dead extension killed by the premium renewals is odd to me regardless i don't think it will evolve that much new trends will come and go and all will Hail the KING .COM
I see huge potential in this extension. If NFT is here to stay, .XYZ is going to be huge, I feel.
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