How to sell a good domain portfolio?

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    Hi guys,

    I have got a great domain collection which includes 294 domains but for some reason I have decided to sell the entire collection. Some of the domains are really unique, applicable and useful for many businesses in different sectors. Most of these domains are meaningful .COM but the new tld-s are one word amazing domains.

    I just need your advice to tell me how to find the right client for a good portfolio? Which approach and channel is the best to find the client? Does it need a specific strategy or a right place or a right time? Shall I hire a partner? How much commission I have to consider? How to price the portfolio?

    I have attached my portfolio to this post to have your accurate advice. I have added the end user pricing plus the GoDaddy valuation. You may agree that GD's valuation is not correct specially for the new tld-s.

    Many thanks,

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    There are not portfolio buyers for non premium names. I only looked at the com but nothing jumps out on that list. Liquidate the com individually at rock bottom prices if you just want to get rid of them. The others like the ai ones will let the non com experts discuss that.
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    is this the first question you asked since November of 2019 ?

    I think you would benefit from some advice on how to select domains, I wish you the best on current portfolio aside from the major TMs, either way I fear my opinion might upset you so I suggest list on all platforms with low xxx bin and seek to recover costs and generate funds for your next acquisitions.
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    Dont register trademark names (Alibaba, Google etc) Get rid of those ASAP, it can only lead to trouble for you.

    My advice is to stay away from the new gtld's. Read through this forum for a few months first and then focus on .com names until you get a few sales

    To price new GTLDs names with no sales history for 50k and 75k is ridiculous, rather try mid xx or low xxx and see if any sell.

    Also check and to see what names sell.

    Good luck
  5. Lord Antares

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    The first step towards selling a portfolio of good domains is having good domains.

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