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    not sure if this is in the right section.....

    I have a site under construction and I am starting to look at ways that I will be able to generate interest and traffic once it goes live.

    I have listed some ideas below, this is my first site so I would love it if people with more experience can share their knowledge.

    So if anyone has any more ideas or online resources to share please do so!!

    1. Create a launch plan
    2. Create a pre - launch landing page teaser with email capture form
    3. Create a short pitch that be read (and spoken) very quickly
    4. Making sure you have enough content (video and written) on the site when it goes live
    5. Have a backlog of content that is ready to go
    6. Making sure the site is well designed
    7. Have a sharing page
    8. Make sure to create a buzz through your own social media channels
    9. Reach out to influencers in your industry - bloggers, website owners, Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups and Twitter accounts
    10. Ask for guest posts, comments or videos
    11. Run an email campaign
    12. Reach out to friends and family
    I look forward to any comments, suggestions and links that you are willing to share!!

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