How to identify valuable domain names in one minute?

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    What do you look at when looking for a girlfriend? For most people it might be the appearance, the temperament, the personality and the feeling. Actually it just is the same as that when you are looking for a domain name. If you put enough thoughts in the domain name research, you have already got half success.

    In the age of eyeballs, the appearance of a domain name shall be the winning weapon. The appearance of the domain name shall refer to the extensions, the characters and the length of the domain name.

    The temperament of a person can be influential to the surroundings. The temperament of a domain name expresses itself in the influence power. Then what is the influence power of the domain name?

    1. Explicit
    Would you like to have a mate that is easy to understand or a mate that is elusive? I believe the former one would be more welcomed. The same with domain name. Domains like, or are easier to understand for they have explicit meaning.

    2. Bright Individuality
    If the domain name can send the message about the products or service the website provides at the first sight, it would be more valuable. The bright individuality of a domain name would be an excellent tool in dissemination. For example, in the telecommunication business, the domain name could be more relative to the business, while, though explicit, has nothing to do with the industry.

    3. Easy to Pronounce
    Could people spell the domain name correctly within 3 times after they hear the domain name? The domain names which are not confusing could be more valuable. For example, is better than since the last domain names are easy to get mixed up.

    4. Positive
    People with positive altitude will empower their friends around. The domain names with positive meanings will also bring you much pleasure, for example,,

    5. Impressive
    How impressive is your domain name? Show your domain names to your friends and ask them the other day whether they remember the domain name. This is a very subjective criteria for the domain name, but also important.

    People with nice personality could be more popular among the crowd, so are the domain names. What is the personality of a domain name? Think about who will be interested in your domain names. How many potential buyers are there for your domain names? Let’s see the analysis below.

    1. Business
    Whatever the meaning of the domain name is, the most important thing is that the domain name can be used for building a website. Some domain names can be used in a lot of fields, for example, the domain name Actually most of the domain names are inclined for a specific business, like real estate and medical industry.

    2. Potential
    Is the domain name able being acknowledged from the market in a short time once it is established to a website? Or does it describe kind of business on the internet? If so, the domain name could be valuable. Could the domain name become a trademark? If so, the value could be considerate.

    3. Trademark Conflict
    Even though you cautiously choose the domain names, you may still buy the domain names that conflict the trademarks of others. If your domain name involved in the trademark confliction, it will dramatically impair the value of the domain name.

    4. Popularity
    If the domain name has a relative end user, then the domain name would be of higher value. If the end user has a deep pocket, then the price of the domain name would be high.

    This is even more subjective. When you talk about a person you like, it is hard to say what you like about in specific. It is just some feelings. As to the domain names, your six sense can also bring you good luck.
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    Interesting perspective! Comparing domain names to girlfriends? Ha Ha! No wonder I have failed many times in domain investment. Lots of good advice. Thanks.

    This is the rule I practice when I acquire a domain name.

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