How to get the exact expiration date of niche TLDs and ccTLDs for backorder?

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I am mostly interested in niche TLDs and ccTLDs like .tech. fi .io .vc .technology etc etc. The problem is I have a problem with finding the exact date when it will be available to register.
  • They can have different GracePeriod or PendingDelete Periods.
  • It can vary between registrars, or registrar can extend period for some reason
  • Other reasons why it has a different period before dropping.
So unfortunately this isn't standardized like for example .com. I tried different solutions but:

  • On whois.com or who.is I can find only the date of expiration, while I need a date of availability to register. Day when it will already expire.
  • On expired domains.com there are dates, but for niche TLDs and ccTLDs they are often marked with "Date can't be determined correctly".
  • In some cases I can get the date on DynaDot, but it's not free of errors as well. Currently I am in a situation where DynaDo is showing that a domain that is interesting to me is available tomorrow, while park.io doesn't list it and support is stating that domain will be available in April. Additionally, I believe some domains are not even listed on backorder sites.

Is there anything else I could do besides checking if a specific domain is available to backorder / register everyday and praying?
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