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question How to get affordable premium domains?

Unscrew my head put it on your shoulders tardar. I can find gems outside my niche which I don't buy as I don't need anymore pressure to sell. There are new industries to claim or invent something. Observe more when listening about technologies, news and inventions think about branding something already great but with crap marketing. Find geo targeting missing your area. eg country extensions on generic on non trade marked names you can assist with local market.
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I scored the following domain today (There's even talk of a Token-Capital-Market, as debt and equity capital market assets become tokenized.)

Anyway, I got it from a GoDaddy auction for $12 bid, + reg fee. I found its listing on a deleted/expired domain search engine. is a great go-to-place, as you can search all the registries, and define searches (from age, to page rank)

Otherwise, place a "Wanted-Domain" thread here, along with a budget, keywords or whatever, and negotiate people into giving you their best offers, as their will be competition for your money.

Hope this helps