How to evaluate the price of a domain name?

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    I Bought two years ago a domain name, i was selling popsockets in merch by amazon at that time.
    i ve had a lot of sales so i decided to make a website and put my listings on it (to get more sales through google adwards).
    After a white i've got a new job and i couldn't keep with booth so i didn't create the website.

    The domain name was based on a keyword that mean popsocket (actually if you search the name in google all you get is popsockets results) and the search volume as i remember is big (the domain key word appears after three variant of popsockets).
    I dont know if i can post it here so let me know please.
    can you give me a method (other than estibot and godaddy apraisal) to evaluate the price?
    I really need it fast (someone approche me and offer 200usd for the domain , i'm afraid that it worth more )
    thank you for your time reading this
    have a nice day
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    How long is a \piece of string you know about bots and your still holding so try the appraisal section.

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