How to Avoid Cyber Squatting claims on your domain?

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    I have found myself in an interesting position today. I was able to get a [company-name].dev website for reg fee.

    This is a super large company, Fortune 500 level.

    Their name itself is not that unique, as it is a common name that has been used for a few different projects, but not in their space obviously.

    I am no interest in selling the domain or monetising it (I'm quite wary of profiting from their name), but hey, its a good domain and I would like to develop my own personal blog on it. I also want it so that I have a supercool e-mail address to use now.

    Is there anything in particular that could force me to hand over the domain? Am I okay as long as I don't monetise, don't try to sell it, maybe I'll put a link at the top to their main website and give them a positive review, but otherwise I can use the domain as I see fit? Obviously all content will be legal and ethical etc.

    P.S. I seriously think .dev is being slept on, its such an amazing domain extension. gTLD and IT related (.io always was a bit of a strange hack to me). Glad to see its getting more and more popular (from my anecdotal evidence) :)
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    A super large Fortune 500 will have no problem going after you if the words before the dot are trademarked. Its very hard to say without knowing the name and how generic it is, if there is a trademark and what other niches this name could be used in.

    The fact that you talk about giving them a nod on a blog means the name is at least relatively well known. I would proceed very carefully.

    Best to avoid names you have to worry about being taken from you or have to create a defense for just by buying/registering it. If they wanted the dot dev they would allready have it.
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    Fortune 500 without a trademark could send you broke with ease.
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    Thanks guys! I'll just not use the domain and when they ask for it, sell it at cost to avoid any issues
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    as a matter of principal they might not even accept that.....

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