How often do you compare your keyword.tld pricing against competing domains?

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    Most businesses in other industries stay up-to-date on what their competitors are doing? What new products or services are they introducing? How are they pricing their product/service vs ours?

    For example, let's say you manage a hotel in Orlando, Florida (major tourist area). Of course hotels closer to Disney World parks are going to be able charge a higher rate as well as those deemed to be four or five star hotels. The nice thing about Orlando is there are varying budgets but if your hotel is only three stars and not on the trolley route, you are going to have to offer a rate which competes with nearby hotels of comparable quality. Otherwise, your hotel will have a high vacancy rate.

    So, if you own keyword.tld, do you consider the pricing of other domains with the same or similar keywords in your pricing decision? If not, consider an end user who doesn't want to pay five figures for a domain name but sees fifty or more choices for the same keyword at Godaddy Auctions. Which will they choose to buy?
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