How New Extensions Are Affecting 'the Industry'

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    I started writing a reply to a thread under News that was just removed (or deleted). I mean the actual thread was deleted by the OP. Anyways, I hate wasting a reply. :P So I thought I'd start a thread about it mostly for newbies to get a summery (IMO) of how nGTLDs have started to affect the value of .com and the overall state of 'the industry..'
    The value of some .com names are going up.

    .com names I guess will become more cherished as time goes on.

    With over 1,000 new gtld releases now, there are some valuable nGTLD names, particularly those with meaning, e.g:

    ^ These are seriously good investments. Though the value of any nGTLD names that you invest in will always be relative to how much you paid upfront as well as (and especially) their renewal costs.

    That's why I am a believer in .Work. It's affordable, few premium names, renewal costs are very reasonable, it's short and "work" has meaning.

    .Club is good too.. though there are many premium names ranging in the thousands of dollars, but .Club seems here to stay for the long-term

    Some people like new generics like .One, .Web, etc.

    Good combinations with other new strings are already starting to be desired and that will probably only increase going forward, e.g:

    Hope this helps.
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    What you are saying is right. But no other tld is gonna beat the. Com market as its always the top preference by anyone apart from their regional domain tld.
    But may be in the long term these new tld's may get a professional value.
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    The biggest problem with allot of new gTLD's is that the registries are taking our jobs. Many are owned by domainers so they know what to do to make maximum capital for themselves. It's like you said, the value of what new gTLD's can make depends on how much you're forking over for those names and how long you need to hold them for. You won't be getting a domain like for regular pricing, that's for sure.

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