How much time between first offer and second offer

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    Is it normal that a buyer makes an offer and then waits too long, maybe forever to make the second offer?

    I suspect such a thing is a typical broker offer. Because they need to contact actual buyers also, and wait for their reaction, and get a promise from there.
    Is it normal that buyers don't make second offer, although first counteroffer by seller is slightly higher, like 3 times the first offer?
    Is it normal that I get offers or price requests from Afternic. Godaddy, Domainagents, Sedo almost simultaneously, but all are stuck in 100-200 range. And I don't get a response to my counteroffer. Buyers pay maybe 200 for backordering and promise to pay 10 percent in case of sale, and
    I get 200 initial offer which is not acceptable because it comes from DA (requires, but which I may accept elsewhere, but elsewhere I get 100 offer only, but actual buyer already promised to pay around 500. This doesn't make any sense from any direction, even if offers are coming from endusers or brokers.

    Sometimes I suspect registrars are trying to make me renew the domain by making fake offers, but if I renew a domain, probably I do it by transfering elsewhere.
    It looks like it is almost impossible to sell a domain directly. Whatever counteroffer I make doesn't make any sense. If agrement is reached buyer just doesn't pay. I give high score to Sedo not to scare buyers but I hate the way Sedo handles the part until payment is made, which is the life-death part of any sale. Reaching an agreement is pointless especially if the buyer is a broker or racist.

    Broker is the wrong word. I mean: flipper.
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