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How flippa refunds the money?

Labeled as advice in General Domain Discussion, started by pdevananth, Aug 27, 2015


  1. pdevananth

    pdevananth Top Contributor VIP

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    It's generic question. As a buyer I am paying $100 for auction through PayPal. Later, seller refused to transfer the domain and didn't refund the money. How does flippa revolves these kind of issues?
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  2. DNVantage

    DNVantage Established Member

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    My understanding is they won't. They ask the buyers and sellers to due diligence. This is one aspect I find most disappointing of Flippa + not having domain escrow, specially for .com/.net/,org.

    One option is to use only Flippa Escrow, which they provide for free for now, instead of any other payment method, but even than, it is still up to users to do due diligence.

    Another scary thing about using Paypal on Flippa is what if buyer decides to reverse the charges after getting the domain? What can Flippa do about it?

    Payment Escrow as well as domain Escrow should be default for domain marketplaces. I think, the company that does these two features by default for no or low fee will be most in demand. NameCheap provides both these features inclusive for their marketplace for flat 10% fee but they don't have an auction platform, which is very disappointing. As it is, even their marketplace has very limited features, like you can't list a domain for as long as it is your account, you have to relist every 3 months, and you can't update price once it has been set(uh!). There are other auction/marketplace but fees are way too high. Funny, nothing is perfect with a reasonable 10% fee.

    I hope you get an answer contrary to my mine as I would like that. Flippa has so much potential but just leaving it to users sort out such issues is not right.
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  3. HeyNow

    HeyNow Member

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    Another option is to not use Flippa at all, period.
  4. pdevananth

    pdevananth Top Contributor VIP

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    How do buyer reverse the payment from Paypal? Paypal doesnt take any steps?

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