How do you post your sold domains?

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How do you post your sold domains?

  1. I mark it sold with selling price on my lander or website

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  2. I mark it sold without selling price on my lander or website

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  3. I just remove it from my lander or website

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  4. What's a lander?

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  1. MapleDots

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    I was participating in a topic today that made me want to ask this question.

    After you have a successful sale do you show it as a sale or do you remove it off your lander or website?

    I simply move it to the sold column on my spreadsheet and since the sheet is linked to my website it is removed from public view almost immediately.

    On a similar note...

    I always chuckle when I see websites that quote all the biggest selling domains to justify an astronomical selling price for their domains. I find in a lot of cases those big sales figures intimidate or scare away prospective clients. I know that if I hit a lander looking to buy a domain and start seeing domains splashed about with million dollar sales figures quoted then I just leave. I figure there is no reason to open a negotiation when the owner of the site thinks all their domains rank amongst the top sales ever recorded.
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