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How do I monetize my EMDs?

Labeled as question in Domain Parking and Traffic Monetization, started by Anna_M, Feb 14, 2020


  1. Anna_M

    Anna_M Established Member

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    I've got:

    - the exact name of the plant
    - the exact name of the salon beauty service

    Both coms.

    No traffic yet since both are new.

    Plant has just been reported as potentially cancer-fighting.

    Beauty service is a potential hit too.

    Any way to make money?

    Thank you!
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  2. Josytal

    Josytal Top Contributor VIP

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    How many domains do you plan to monetize this way? If you have solid portfolio, we ( DNHat ) can discuss and partner with you. Right now I'm in Sochi with my family.
  3. Established Member

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    There are some option to monetize new domain . You could park that domain on parking service like bodis , voodoo, sedo , or many other. Or you could build domain as simple website / blog , add valuable content , optimize with SEO effort and apply for as google adsense publisher .

    Or you could aproach some local business in your city , offer them to rent your domain for trial free , one month or two month . Then make a best deal when everything is well done in next month.
  4. IMA

    IMA Established Member

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    If I have this Hot Plant Name And Is Really good exact match and popular online....
    I would try this...

    Disclaimer: You May Lose All Your Investments.

    Making Cash Online Investing With ExactMatchNames:
    (difficult level = work involved, risk = high)


    1. is ECommerce salespage for some type of product I am selling direct free shipping for $100. Profit of $50 Per. Item. If possible.

    2. Make YT videos + FB Page posts ... (outsource to Phillipines, India ... They have high high experience now in all this for as long as the web commerce has been alive....)

    2. YT videos and FB Posts Saying "buy now" on Hashtags...

    3. PPC google ads = watch google trends.....experiments on trending "kws" maybe related to topic...

    5. FB ads... classic grown up crowd with the cash in USA (Big Cash land)... show ad during normal big shopping days ni... mother day.. father day... blackfriday.. you know every month there is something ...

    So instead of collecting 2cents on landers.... Invest in outsourcing and some product is sold...

    Maybe Investment Works.. If Not Loss of outsourcing videos,pix, E-commerce Theme, Ads Budget, Time, etc. etc...
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2020

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