How do big ticket outbound sale happen?

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    I have been doing some outbound recently for one of my domains which I thought had a decent value, but having no experience closing a decent high ticket sale or even knowing how to approach these big shots, it is something I wish to learn.

    I am finding it extremely hard since any email that you get on the company's page or so, lead to either customer care people or someone who is not in a position to make decisions. And once that happens, in your mind, you believe that you have already reached out to this potential lead with no response, and hence, disturbing them after maybe, one more follow up wouldn't be the right thing to do.

    How do you reach out to the potential buyers of a certain company - emails don't seem to work!

    What kind of emails do you write to them - do you explain the value of the domain name that you are offering (which makes the email too long for the executives to even read it in the first place) or do you expect them to know the value of domain names and just pitch the name to them.
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    The #1 most important thing is to contact the right person at the company, the decision maker....

    Check the company exec team on their website, Google, Bloomberg, Yahoo finance etc and find someone who can make the call on whether to buy the name (ie the business development manager, CEO etc). For example, If you Google "Cisco Executive team" for instance, it comes up with this -, so its not hard to find the right person. If you Google "Cisco Email format", it comes up with this -

    So its not hard figure out the person's email either. I find LinkedIn a very useful resource for this and to find out the founder or CEO's name.

    For smaller companies that may not be in Bloomberg or Yahoo Finance etc, sometimes you can google something like "company name CEO" or look on LinkedIn and then find the persons name and then work out the email from there. You can search a company on LinkedIn and then click "People" down the left hand side and it will show you a list of people who work there with their job titles.

    This is just what works for me and can be tweaked to suit yourself

    1) Email end-users with a short to-the-point email offering them your name

    2) Only offer the name you want them to buy, dont spam them with "If you dont like that name, what about this other list of 500 names I have....."

    3) Ensure you have a decision-maker in the company, DONT just use the WHOIS email, most of the time it will get ignored/deleted - Use LinkedIn, Bloomberg, yahoo Finance, Company site, Google etc to find out who the CEO, Business Development Manager is and contact them directly

    4) Be patient, they dont always reply straight away (if at all) - Don't flood them with emails if they dont reply.

    5) Be polite and professional at all times, thank them for their time if they aren't interested, you never know if they might need/want the name later on.

    6) Use Escrow for sales, it provides them with a level of security when dealing with someone they dont know, especially if you have contacted them first.

    7) Send an email after the Escrow transaction asking them if they have the name in their account, thank them for their time, wish them all the best in the future etc...I think politeness and professionalism goes a long way in this industry, especially with the all the scammers online these days.

    Hope that helps, good luck
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    Pin at the top of a section for outbound, or domain sales. Perfect answer.
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    This is gem! Bookmarking it
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    Great explanation. I have seen you explain it before in another thread. Same style. Thanks for sharing.
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    can you explain email format how to approach them? and one more thing email going to spam how can deliver email to there inbox
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