Holding a domain name hostage in a partnership dispute

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    One partner in a business alleges another partner is holding a domain name hostage.

    Here's the gist of the situation that happened with

    One of the partners, Bold Commerce, wants out. The domain name is in his name and not the partnership name, which consists of himself and Dean Zelinsky.

    Zelinsky believes Bold is holding the domain name hostage in an attempt to get him to buy out its share of the company.

    So Zelinksy sued(pdf).

    Correspondence between the parties suggests that Bold is concerned that Zelinsky will run the company into the ground and hasn’t thought through the ramifications of transferring the domain name.


    How do you manage your intellectual properties that are held in partnership? Any tips or suggestions?
    What if the other partner wants out?

    Any experiences or advice would be great!
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