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Heritage Auctions (HA) had been brokering the OC.com domain name on behalf of a Dallas company called Open Connect. HA received some good publicity for OC.com, but the domain name was not sold until this week. The Whois record was updated, and the new owner of the domain name is Aron Meystedt’s XF.com Company. As you likely know, Aron also works for Heritage Auctions.

I asked Aron if he could share some insight about how the deal came about since people might be curious about how the person responsible for brokering the domain name ended up acquiring it. Here’s what Aron told me about this:

“We had a 3 month timeline for Heritage to sell the name. They (seller) understood that getting top dollar takes time, but they were really interested in moving the name by the end of July. As our three month deadline approached, and after extensive outreach, we had yet to see a buyer produce a fair offer. It was decided that Heritage and I would give the seller liquidity and purchase the name ourselves.

I’d love to build something for Orange County, CA – a major destination for tourism and a place with a booming real estate market.”


What do you predict the selling price would be?
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