advice Help selling my domain. No luck with Afternic or GoDaddy auction



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I am fairly new to domain flipping and looking for some advise. I have gotten pretty good at valuing a domain to determine how much it is potentially worth. However I am not sure of the best strategy for selling. I have listed my domains on both afternic and go daddy auction to get the largest audience but have not gotten any bites for a few months now. I've tried lowering my buy now price but not having any luck. Anyone have any ideas on the best way to go about selling? is there a better marketplace to use?
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Even those with 1000s of domains are not getting many sales because of what's happening around the world. Sales are down for everyone.


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It really all starts with your name. The quality of the names you have, the quantity of the names you have as well, etc.

Afternic/GD is pretty much the largest one we've got in this field. There are others out there like Sedo, DAN, DomainAgents, etc.

You could do outbounding to speed up the process. Otherwise, you'll just have to wait. Unless your names aren't good, of course.

Plus, it's a recession going on in many places. Expect to have to hold on a bit longer.
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Maybe remove the BIN, let some offers flow. Hard to say without knowing what it is. Being a domain investor (to a good extent) is a waiting game
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We have.......

Global Supply chain issues
Inflation / cost of living crisis
A lot of market uncertainty
etc etc etc......


Stick 2 fingers up, hold your good domains and put the prices up as well while your at it......
I have gotten pretty good at valuing a domain to determine how much it is potentially worth. However I am not sure of the best strategy for selling.

In my opinion, the first step is to doubt or question this statement. Being confident may be good sometimes, but confidence should be based on reality.

The very fact that you are not selling names may be an indication that your statement above is not accurate.

Having said that, take a second look at what’s selling. Check NameBio sale history for names similar to yours.

Use the Appraisal thread here on NamePros to find out what experienced investors think about your names.

Just that for now, as a few small, but relevant, steps.
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Hard to tell without knowing names. There are different strategies for different names, extension, niches etc

Most new domainers say they know how to value their names but you'll find new domainer appraisals and actual value are very different (most of the time anyway) Learning domain value comes as you get more experience and get some sales under your belt.

Best way to sell names is approaching end users. Sticking names on marketplaces and waiting can take years and often names will never sell because of domain quality.

Good luck
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Don't waste your money for flipping domains. Now all markets including domain market is down due to various global factors. Renew only quality domains. Please note that we are in 2022 not in 2015. It will take minimum 2 to 3 years to restore normal economic conditions, of course if no further threats due to Viruses, wars.