interviews Help! My Domain Name Was Stolen (And 3 Ways to Recover It) - With David Weslow

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Millions of credit cards numbers are stolen every month, and bots continually scour the internet looking for websites to hack. The domain name industry is not immune to thieves and hackers.

A month doesn't go by without a domain name being identified as stolen and the registrant frantically trying to stop it from changing registrars and leaving the country.

In this interview, David Weslow describes the three steps you can take to recover your domain name before it’s too late.

He also discusses the six steps you need to take to prevent a domain name theft from occurring in the first place.
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Awesome Interview. good information for all domainers. Well worth the watch...
Holy cow! This really happens?

Every day this industry is throwing up more and more surprises (both good & bad) as I learn about domaining.

Thanks Michael for this excellent interview with David.

Didn't think security could actually be such an issue.

This is another aspect that I wasn't aware of and I want to thank you for bringing this to light for newbies like me.
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