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  1. james haw

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    In "Help Desk" section you have
    1. Feature Requests and Suggestions
    2. FAQ, Rules, and Help Guides
    3. NamePros Help and Feedback

    There is a bit of ambiguity and definition overlap:
    • A "Suggestion" (1) can also be "Feedback" (3) and vice versa
    • "Namepros help" (3) conflicts with "FAQ..Help Guides" (2)
    This thread could be in either 1 (suggestions) or 3 (feedback).

    Perhaps they can be split a bit better?
    1. Feature requests and Suggestions
    2. Feedback and Bug reports
    3. Ask for help, FAQ, rules

    Alternatively, make "FAQ and Rules" readonly, e.g.
    1. Feature requests and Suggestions
    2. Feedback, Bug reports, and Ask for help
    3. FAQ and rules [READONLY for non staff/admin]

    Maybe it's just my OCD dev brain playing up...
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  2. Bravo Mod Team

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    Thanks for this suggestion; you're right.

    What do you think about the updates?

    Here's the goal:
    1. FAQ, Rules, and Help Guides: The location where NamePros and members try to place content that will be helpful to most (new) members.
    2. Suggestions and Feedback: The location where members post about things they want (e.g., feature requests) to make NamePros better and other members vote on those things.
    3. NamePros Community Help: The location where members seek help from the community. (Moderators may assist sometimes, too.)
    4. Contact NamePros Support: The location where members get help from NamePros moderators and other teams, such as sending bug reports to our tech team.

    What do you think?
  3. james haw

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  4. Reddstagg

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    Good evening.

    I think that you could have these categories but split them out so that they are together in the section we could call 'Beginners' and also have them in the general section which could apply to everyone else. I know that the forum is in English but this may not be some Members' first or indeed second language and we need to simplify it for these potential high flyers from the start. I'd say that the numbers joining NamePros in the near future could double the membership.

    I'd still say I have my 'L' plates on and this is now my third year.

    Keep up the good work. It is very much appreciated.



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