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discuss Have you ever done a deal and felt crazy after knowing the buyer

Has it ever happened to you that you negotiated and sold a domain name, and later after the buyer was revealed, you thought that you left massive money on the table?

Here is a thread on the reverse of this situation where a buyer converted a $16 domain and a $500 offer to a $435,000 sale.

Have you ever felt you did a bad negotiation? What was the learning? What did you do?
Not really for me because I know most of my domains are underpriced. This is why I probably sell a higher percentage of my portfolio every year than others who are looking for the highest price possible, from the best end user.
With that said though, I do have some higher priced domains that I won't sell for lower but those only make up 1-2% of my portfolio.

Edit: I just read the twitter post. That guy definitely stood his ground and got the max price for the domain. I don't even have to know the domain name and I can tell you that I would have sold for much less.
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All you can do is work with the information you have at the time.

People put too much emphasis on 1 in a million random outlier sales involving some unrepeatable set of circumstances than steady growth based on more predictable and repeatable sales.

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