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Has anyone tried Quora for promoting domain sale?

Labeled as discuss in Domain Beginners started by Wali Dahot, Feb 1, 2019.


  1. Wali Dahot

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    I purchased gsuite and did outbound to related endusers but I guess I ended up in spam as I didnt get a reply back. I tried Twitter but quickly got banned. I then had an idea and posted a question on Quora about my crypto domain and sent answer requests to top contributors of crypto related topics hoping to get an answer. One of them answered and as Quora sends notifications about new questions which get answers to all the users subscribed to a topic. This way I got a good free promotion to all the possible users interested in cryptocurrencies. I dont know yet that it will work or not, but atleast my message reached to the right people..

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  2. creataweb

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    Still seems spammy to me

    If it works keep us updated.
  3. wizard

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    If a method works then use it email does work but you have to take time with messages ie only send one email at a time to one person.

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