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    So, what's your people take on this entire thing?

    For those, who are not aware and heard for the first time, let me briefly describe (there was thrown a video in neighbour section).

    Handshake is building a decentralized alternative to ICANN. Essentially, they are providing TLDs for people to own and be your own Registrar.
    It has a chance of making the internet more secure, censorship-resistant, seizure-resistant. It just makes the infrastructure better for everyone.

    They have also reserved names for Top 100 000 Alexa rank websites and gave 4 years for them to claim their respective TLDs.

    Like, you can have 'kits' TLD on chain and decide whether sell the name entirely, or do business selling subdomains ( car.kits, medical.kits, tuning.kits, etc ) setting your own registration fees.

    Sure thing there is endless potential if this thing plays, but it's still very early days..
    As of now everything is done via Namebase - more or less user-friendly place to interact with the Project, buy tokens, make bids in TLDs auctions and manage your Domains.


    Of course, right now it's still a little bit complex and very tech-savvy - it does not work (yet) in regular browsers directly, you need to set resolvers, configure nameservers, set up nodes and all in all - GitHub should be your closest friend for now :bored:.

    Basic plan is to co-exist with current DNS system via Browser extensions, and hopefully later transition to full support by common browsers.

    Eventually, it will look like this (example with 'rough' TLD):


    Well, the project is just a month old (but funding round happened early last year, I believe, with Crypto Behemoths leading the way - Polychain, A16Z, Sequoia, and so on), but already many TLDs were sold for tens thousands of $$ :


    'Crypto' TLD was sold for 200 000 $HNS tokens, which at that date was around $.4 per token, so roughly $80k. And there are daily sales in excess of thousands$$ per name, so a lot of people are betting big on this idea.

    Obviously, a lot should be done towards better UI for end users, adoption and such, but the idea itself is beyond brilliant. I'm a big fan and started to diversify my domain portfolio, just in case, you never know.

    Biggest issues to solve today are still technical/tools related, but then once some of those things get sorted out, the even bigger area to tackle is to clarify all the communication, from technical documentation to general audience conceptual explanations and comprehensible UIs.

    Also lots of 'ifs' remaming regarding how the world will meet this, but.. I was just curious what others think (even though, it is a threat to .com domaining, in a way).

    This is a great piece of info to grasp the idea. They do ELI5 everything, so those who are interested can check it out :

    I'm not affiliated with Handshake in any way, I'm just enthusiast :panda:.

    Yes, I own few domains already and will keep buying them within my set budget - if it won't play off, it won't be a Life-ending loss, but it gains traction and gets adopted - it will be a Life-changing profit :xf.wink:
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