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So my city is lacking in the online portal area. I want to create and online portal for my city which would consist of classified ads, business directory, events calendar etc, etc, etc.

Now the one portal we do have already has CITYNAME.com.

So what are some words that you know other successful city portal sites have used you think would be good SEO-wise and marketing-wise in conjunction with the city name in the domain name?

CITYNAME{whatever}.com or {whatever}CITYNAME.com

I only want one word before or after the city name, but preferrably after.
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CITYNAME.net,info,...newgtld, cctld...
after the city put the state abbreviation example...


These are probably registered as well. Launching a city website is time consuming and the process of landing advertisers is more difficult than merely launching a site with relevant content. I scoured local newspapers and freebie circulars at supermarkets to see who was advertising already and attempted contacting them. I also went to local shopping centers to contact small businesses to sell ad space. Creating content (such as covering a weekend 3x3 basketball tournament which took about 16 hours of my time between shooting and editing video) without compensation means you are working for free. You have to pay bills somehow so I eventually abandoned the effort. Do not underestimate how much work is involved in creating a local city portal. Of course you can offer free directory listings but then how do you make money?