Godaddy "Internal Error" - More often lately

So lately ive been running into quite a few errors on godaddy, and i continue to want to think the best, and i do like that the system mostly handles thousands of requests, but i still think last years lip service toward being large domainer friendly hides a "our system really isn't designed for that much use" ..ive been hearing since 2006.

So I thought id put some data to the task and ask y'all to help.

How often to do run up against "internal error" "this domain cant be transferred" Transfer out error Nameserver change error and the worse, you load up 50 names in your bulk search, and then reset and put another 20 and it changes all 70.

Is it just me.?

Again im not look to pile on or whine, just how often during a day do you get errors at godaddy for repeatable seemingly everyday tasks.

So ill start

todays roll call:

1) Internal error transferring in a name, its unlocked and i just got code, put two in bulk transfer 1 goes, one doesnt.

2) tried to approve a transfer out, got the "error" please contact customer service or try again, i logged out, tried again, no joy. ( i will say without doing anything this got fixed, im just not sure how)

im not picking on godaddy, again they do thousands of things right, its just sometime the "tell us exactly what browser your were using and whats a happening, and send us a screenshot,

hides the fact that my problem is so many problems happen..

and i cant seem to quantity it to them, thus this thread.

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I get some kind of error every time I login. Even login is problematic. They do not like Brave Browser, if at all these days, but I can do exactly the same action with Edge, without any problems. I think that is definitely going too far with defining what browsers we can use with GoDaddy website.

I've got one problem with a domain won at auction, which wants me to prove proof of ownership. But I have no idea why I never get the link provided. It was working fine for about 1 week before this. without any problems about ownership.

I'm mostly bidding on auctions and transferring away. There are always some kind of small problems with the website. It's irritating at best.
I did find an old email by scraping through all my old emails from GoDaddy. It doesn't mention any domain name, so I took a chance and replied to the link, and miraculously it still worked, and I'm now good to go with all my domains at GoDaddy. But what it means is that the 15 or so other times I tried to get that link sent to me were being blocked because I hadn't replied to that first email which doesn't mention the domain I am supposed to be approving. Go figure. We live in a crazy world. And dealing with GoDaddy's quirks just makes it crazier.
I wanted to renew a few domains today cause I got an email notification about it, I've experienced more than 3 errors during the process of renewing. It's really quite bad.

Their interface is really getting to a point now where it's so clunky that I really hope that they're able to modernise before people flee.
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