Godaddy expired auctions - at what point can original owner no longer claw back domain?

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    I'm confused. Lots of people here seem to state that the original owner can renew the domain up to the date the domain transfers to you.

    However, reading Godaddy's policy, it states clearly that:

    If a domain name registered with us after May 2, 2005 expires, we automatically list it for auction on GoDaddy Auctions® 25 days later. You can bid on any expiring domain name listed at GoDaddy Auctions. The current registrant can reclaim the domain name from redemption up to 30 days afterexpiration.

    So, assuming a 7 day auction, by the time the auction ends it will be day 32 - past the point when the original owner can renew.

    Yet I keep reading horror stories of people losing out on domains after they have paid and are awaiting transfer?

    Is it thirty days after expiry or not?
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  2. whenpillarsfall

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    Ahhh, it seems that godaddy updated their policy in late 2017 and its now now possible for original owners to renew after an auction closes

    Too many using it as a free market appraisal.
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    Can you elaborate on the horror-stories ? Did something change after "the change" (=>the change end 2017 was "only 30 days, after expiraration" reclaimable or tansferrble by the owner), so now again a change in favor of the owners like the old days ?

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