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    Is there a registrar where when your domain expires they send it to godaddy as an expired auction and then they share the sale with you?
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    🤣😂🤣😂🤣 that's a good one.

    Just send your names to auction yourself before they expire. Personally I use NameLiquidate and DropCatch.
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    The problem I've noticed is there seems to be this "understanding" or "logic" or "stigma" that domainers never buy from domainers.

    it's either domainers simply don't want to give money to another domainer and let them get ahead or they rather deal with a registrar that has "essentially stolen" a domain that's been renewed for years and unfortunately has expired.

    I've seen some very nice external domain auctions being promoted on here and tracked them. 9 times outta 10 I don't see any difference. no increase.

    The same domains I've tracked. ended up expired. and wouldn't you know it? They got a ton of bids at expired and then ended up selling for $x,xxx.

    it's crazy!

    If I was the old registrant I'd probably throw myself off a bridge.

    I really do believe that expired auctions might as well be called "domains not owned by domainers and owned by registrar" auctions.

    the first part is more important than the last.

    The label of "expired" has simply made it easy for a domain investor to distinguish domainer owned domains from registrar owned domains.

    why is it like this?

    If I tried to sell any of my domains on Namepros auction with starting bid $1 with no reserve or on Flippa same way. It would be like putting teeth and nose hairs just to get bids.

    It's as if those auctions get ignored and all the air in the room gets sucked into the expired domain auction room.

    I mean these auction sites even have a nice tickbox or filter button to filter out expired auctions. It's a bit unfair to Private sellers.

    yet somehow we own these platforms 20% if and when we sell our domains on their site?

    The "system" really is designed to profit from the research of domain registrants.
    It is designed to relieve domainers of their "treasure" and profit from it.
    not only that. It is designed to PREVENT or at the very least make it very difficult or near impossible to sell a domain for what it's worth market value.

    plus the "system" is designed to make sure your only shot is to promote your domain in all the obvious "avenues" so essentially you are not just promoting YOUR DOMAIN AUCTION but THEIR domain auction platform as when you promote a link like below.
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    never gonna happen.
  5. 7363824

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    From one standpoint I get it. The one who is Lilley going to know the most about the demand for a name is its current owner. So on the one hand I can see the logic that says if thry are trying to sell it then it must be no good.

    But thats really a fallacy. First there way be other reasons, liquidity probably being #1, why a domainer would sell that has nothing to do with how good the name is. But interestingly enough it should seem the opposite should be true, probably even more so, that is the owner wasnt willing to pay $8 to renew it should say more about it.

    Personally thats why my preference is NameLiquidate, lower commissions you don't really know if its truly expired or just a private listing until you go to checkout and see that you have to pay a renewal too.

    That said I actually remember reading @Rob Monster posting about Epik's plan to split revenue with the prior registrants on the expiry stream. Perhaps he could share some more on how thats coming. AFAIK though it does not include Godaddy Auctions specifically though.
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    Only partially true, I've also noted I'm able to pick up very good names at ridiculously low prices on here and one or two other places.

    But the number of people on here new to domaining and, as importantly IMHO, new to sales and marketing too, is enormous. They quickly learn how to buy good names but have no idea how to sell at realistic prices for profit. Some time down the line costs build up and they have little choice but to get rid any old how.

    Add in a few with large portfolios they wish to thin out, even if that means throwing out some at the low end of their portfolios which are still good names, and there are bargains to be had. So not a place for serious sellers, just for those who need or want to get rid.

    Simultaneously I see much evidence around the domainer/domaining sites of collaboration between domainers, helping one another with their portfolios, even one site built for domainer to domainer sales at "wholesale" prices. So not the bargains we expect on here but at a good price to shift names at a profit whilst leaving plenty available for the purchaser.
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  7. Numan Ahmed Habir

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    informative,, thanks

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