Get a FREE download. We just released YREM Your Rapid eMessenger Android mobile app on Play Store.

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    Hi, Folks! We just released YREM on Google Play Store today. Please get your FREE download on Play Store by searching for YREM (or YREM Your Rapid eMessenger). It should be the first one to show on Play Store.

    Try the voice quality. YREM is Cloud based. The quality is great! Try making a phone call internationally; it will sound like you are calling your next door neighbor. Voice quality is very stable.

    Here’s another benefit. When on a call, verify that the same emoji on your phone should appear on the other party’s phone. This is the encryption indicator.

    Then try the secret chat function; you will not be able to do a screenshot of your exchanges when using this option. Your data cannot be hacked, stolen, or intercepted.

    Get confidence in the security of your voice conversations and messages.

    In closing, is the new home of YREM Your Rapid eMessenger.

    Go to Google Play Store; type YREM and get your FREE download. Start enjoying the confidence of encrypted communication.
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