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Domain Re-Animator
If hosterstats is right, this domain was never registered until this past December. If it was never needed before, I dont think its needed now. If it was a new word, like "covfefe", I could understand its uniqueness, but this just looks like two words put together that dont have much meaning. Also, a funnelblock is kinda illogical. A funnel assists you with pouring something into something narrow but the block prevents it. The term is used some times in logic diagrams, but I dont see a value as a domain for that. Just my opinion....
Anymore, when I see thew word funnel, I think of a Sales Funnel, which is a very popular term in the internet marketing world. A sales funnel us a series of qualifiers and marketing steps you put a potential customer through, or even a new customer, to make a sales or more sales. Something like that. ClickFunnels is probably THE most popular SaaS provider of sales funnel services, and they are YOOOOOOJ! :xf.grin:

Given this context, I don't see any value because you can't really block a funnel, like you can block an ad.

But maybe I'm wrong, it may have a value in this context, but you have to research sales funnels to find out. Because if there is a correlation between sales funnels and "block", you are talking thousands. But I have doubts.