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Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

It’s been a while since I discussed my last domain sale. As everyone knows we are in the middle of this year and my target to make 20-24 sales per year is quite far away right now. This is my 6th sale of this year and I am not happy with the number of sales but what I can say is the total revenue generated is great so far but numbers of sales are not up to the mark.

What I have also noticed is the number of inquiries since the beginning of 2016, which has been on the low side. I have discussed this with fellow domainers and most of them were in the same boat.

Coming to the sale which I just completed through Sedo was for the domain BrightEnergy.com which eventually sold for $28,000. Buyer contacted through Sedo with initial offer of $1,000. I countered with $38,888. As the negotiation history cannot be seen right now because the sale is completed, I cannot share exactly how we negotiated further but it was something like buyer gave 5K, 10K, 12K, 15K, 17.5K, 18,300, 27,500. I wanted to tell that buyer also came through Afternic broker and those mentioned counter offers were included from both platforms. I knew the buyer is same and using Sedo and Afternic simultaneously. The entire deal took almost a month to get completed from the initial offer to completing the transaction.

I wanted to thank Brian Michitti (Sedo broker) who was very good in handling this entire transaction on my behalf and very quick in taking necessary actions on time.

Feel free to give your feedback and share your recent sales.
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Congrats. Always good to see sales like these happening. If it just happened within the last one week then it is definitely a sale full of Barakah in the divine month of Ramadan. Get ready to celebrate Eid :) ;)

Doron Vermaat

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A potential domain upgrade for quite a few companies I see. Great job on sticking close to your asking price!


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Thanks mate :)

It completed during this week but the entire process from first inquiry took around 1 month. Thanks bro :)

Many thanks for the kinds words. Much appreciated :)

Thanks yeah :)

@Doron Vermaat
Rightly said. Buyer was good at negotiating and is regular buyer as per Sedo's activity index. I think they also acquired BrightEnergy.net for $3,500.

Thanks yeah :)

Many thanks!

Also thanks to those who liked this post and enjoyed reading it :)
Congrats Abdul and some experience here talking. In the years I made the most money are the years I actually sold the smallest number of domains. So focus more on margins when you can and not so much on total sales.


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Nice negotiation. I don't know that I would have been able to hold off at such a high price. good job!


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Nice one dude...

Congrats on the sale, well played :)


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Alf Mabrok ( A 1000's Congrats ..) Abdul .. you did it again, The Rehma and Barakah of this Blessed Month.. Keep it up Bro.


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Thanks. True!

Thanks. May be more than 2 years... Buyer was good enough at negotiation as well :D

Thanks. Glad you like it :)

Thanks for your feedback and opinion which is appreciated. Very well said "focus more on margins when you can and not so much on total sales."

Energy sector is huge industry and for the right buyer this is still a bargain but I am happy to make such bargain sales all the time ;)

Many thanks brother :)

CoOl. Glad you like it :)

Thanks yeah!

@eko prasetio
You and everyone is always welcome :)

Many thanks. Yeah, the sale completed this week.