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    The business has 4 types of income.

    1. Affiliate income: Being a referring broker, We share 50% of the income back to our referral creating a win-win situation. This way there is always returning users to our website.
    2. Subscription Income: Trading signal service. (This is an automated Backoffice system) , Subscribers pay us via payza & PayPal on a monthly basis.
    3. Managed account trading service: For this you would need to hire freelancers, We can connect them to you after sale. All dealings are done on a commision basis no salary to pay. They charge a portion from gain about 10%
    4. MQL programming service: Again in this business customers request that their trading software to be built by professionals, We currently have 3 freelancers working with us to crack this job. And again nothing to be paid out of the pocket.

    The rights and all trademarks are transferrable to new buyer with easy. Since this is an Internet business the transfer can take place within 3 business days of initial payment.

    What are included in the sale:
    The website: risecapfxdotcom & full website components.
    Software and automated scripts that help to run the website.

    An active list of 2500 Clients across the globe.
    Back office calculators.
    Trading softwares that send signals to clients.

    Just after an online payment we would transfer the domain name to the new User's by updating the registration details, Then we would hand over the hosting account login.
    In the next few emails the other stuffs would be sent.

    This offer is backed by 60 days of money back offer, In case you don't earn even after following our instructions.

    Payment can be done in 3 parts.

    10,000$ X 3 = Easy monthly installment. This way income verification can also be done easily.
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    So what happened to the business. Why are you selling ?
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