Finding the business-market fit in domaining

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    There is a very prominent term in the product management industry - Product-market fit. The term is defined as a point in your product launch state where your product has found the right market and your users are loving your product!

    Similarly, domaining is also a scalable business if you find the business-market fit. Consider people like Ali Zandi, Nikul Sanghvi, Abdul Basit, or outbound investors, who tried something, in the beginning, to learn, define a business model and build their niche. What could work for them or what works for them, is one thing that they figured out, for quite some time! Once that was done, it is only about scalability!

    I think that is how startups or any business is built. You do a small thing so well and understand its fundamentals, the building blocks, that you then have the confidence to scale. And scaling is easier than finding the business market fit.

    In domaining, there could be several investing models:

    1) Geo-domain names + outbound
    2) Popular extension volume game - .CO, .IO, .COM etc
    3) New gTLD extensions - What DN gear does. This is a bit tricky though. High risk, high reward
    4) Building a liquid portfolio - Happens over time! This may take several years

    Unfortunately, some of these models have a certain cycle in place - For example, #4 may take at least 6 months to test, if not more. The good thing, once you know what works for you, it is just a scaling game that may require capital, time, or both, but at least you would know the process.

    I think as a beginner or as anyone in this industry (if it is more than a hobby to you), understand what you are good at selling and why does it sell so that you can replicate it.

    Do you agree or do you have a different point of you?
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