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Hello guys, I am watching one domain for a past few days, its expiring on 15.03.2023.
Domain name is really good and its expensive in my opinion, the site is under construction for past years and I believe they are not working on it.. I guess they will just let it expire, my question is that if domain expires on 15.03.2023. Does it expire exactly at 00:00 15.03 or the next day? I really want this domain name and I will try to register it instant after the expiring time
I just need to say that I am not trying to steal it, the site is under construction for long time and its for some uncommon sport club which is not that popular
In case that the owner renew it I will send him email with offer
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If you see this date in WHOIS lookup then add around 90 days to the expiry date, then calculate when it will drop.
It depends also which extension is the domain registered, some may drop earlier than 90 days from expiry date.
Also if someone is using dropcatching tools to dropcatch the domain you are interested in, you have no chance against them.
edit: the time would be from 7 to 13 june drop window, and until 15 March there is also chance it will be renewed or even later, they still have time to renew or save it from deletion, I have seen such cases.
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Check at ExpitedDomains net
00:00 15.03 what timezone?
.com usually before noon EST US time