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information Expired Domain Name Shows It Expire on 2023


I have been watching this domain name for a good while. I notice the DNS shows, The WHOIS says the expiration date is 2/1/2023. When I go to the site it says "this domain name expired." Which is right, will the domain name expire? Thank you.
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If the date is 2 January 2023 and not 1 Feb 2023 it has probably expired. Whether it eventually drops, is backordered or is placed in auction depends on how valuable it is/who the registrar is.

AIUI the reason for the additional year is registrars re-register names to provide a grace period for renewal.


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When a domain expires some registrars change the dns of the domain to something expired.something. Usually, when you renew it resets to the old dns. Sometimes, if you renew in the redemption period, it wont go back to the old dns so it stays pointing to the expired page.

Watch the auctions regardless, including namejet / snapnames so you could see networksolutions names.
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