Ever paused NP post & checked whois 1st? Lol

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    Hey this must have happened to many on NP once or twice before!

    Let's be honest domainers are opportunists!

    Can't blame their hustle!

    So yea ever started typing something so innocent and insignificant (you thought! ) and you realized you were giving away the "keys to the kingdom" so to speak.

    Example, like letting out 5g is going to be big because you saw an article.

    You were about to post an article and then you PAUSE LOL and checked first all possible domains containing 5G?


    You write something and in your writing you realized " hey wait a minute! Who's check! ....awww it's taken! Or yaaaasssss! It's available! Mine!!!" Lol

    For example just now I wrote . " Visual Creatures"

    Paused and checked whois for VisualCreatures.com and it was taken! Damn!

    Back to post.

    Share your moments like this.

    Was the domain taken or did you take it?
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