Ever Accidentally Discovered Your Crappy Name Is A Gem?

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  1. GoneWalkabout

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    About Ten months ago I was asked to come up with some brand name possibilities for a client who built apps and wanted to rebrand.

    I happily put together a list of available .com names, all 5 or 6 letters long, then purchased a dozen or so to secure them. The client was happy with one of the names and that was that.

    A couple of months later I decided to get rid of the spare names here at NP but nobody - literally nobody - showed any interest.

    Time moved on and today I thought I would put them up for sale again as they are close to dropping, but while checking on the possibilities of each name I discovered that one of them is now a shorthand word for a rapidly growing area in the financial industry.

    I was about to put the name up in auction at a $2 start but see a similar name is now up for sale at $39k so quickly changed my mind and renewed.

    Weirdly, this is the third time this has happened to me. I bought Bing (.tv) and Alphabet (.tv) back in the day for projects well before the two became anything to do with search engines. One I still have and one I gave as a gift to someone here at NP for their help. (I think they may have done well from that).

    But this left me wondering has something similar ever happened to others here at NP. Has anyone bought a nice name only for a totally unrelated and unexpected event come along and make it massively more valuable?
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  2. creataweb

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    A couple of years ago I sold a 5L brandable typo for $xxx and then regretted it because I genuinely liked the name and wished I kept it. Then earlier this year the correct spelling of that word sold for almost $1million.

    Now the fool who owns it doesn't even have it in use lol... and to make it worse he thought he got ripped off paying me a measly $xxx for it 2 years ago.
  3. Joe Nichols

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    These stories are a lot more interesting if we know the names. Just saying. :)
  4. creataweb

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    I wish I could share but I'm working on getting the name back and don't want any competition :xf.grin:
  5. viniproject09

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    I personally bought few domain name but I do thing to a get a domain a low price and it become valuable for some big company and they are interested to purchase. As of now there is no luck charming luck for me.
  6. Recons.Com

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    I own 1/2000 of all 4L .coms.

    I am sure eventually one of those will become (or has become) an acronym for something new and big :-D
  7. Bannen

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    "CAR T cell therapy" - Google it; being considered the greatest breakthrough in cancer therapy to date.

    Backordered last August via Dropcatch when I saw it deleting. Pretty much an afterthought, one of those medical terms I thought might go nowhere and I'd drop it in a year. But I took a chance without thinking too hard about it. Actually regretted it when I won the domain for $59, swore out loud "Dammit, waste of money!" - buyer's remorse!

    One week later, CAR T cell therapy was approved for the first company. Made huge news. Cancer centers all over the world are now experimenting with this. One treatment for one person costs in the low-mid six-figures $. Earlier this year ASCO voted it as the 2018 Advance Of The Year. I've had a handful of offers since then, highest is $3K. But I'll hang on to it, see where it goes as the science evolves...
  8. BaileyUK

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    Well I can't say I've ever had a domain that was a totally unexpected hit, had quite a few where I'd kept my fingers crossed, knowing full well it would take quite a few years of renewals to see any possible return. Twenty years ago I was putting money into 3D domains when you had to explain what the possibility uses to 3 dimensional technology were. (thankfully most sold at the investment peak)

    I still read DN Journal with bated breath, in case one of my Muppet sales appears

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