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advice acquired, suggestions are welcome


Ariff BD

Restricted (50-70%)

acquired this week.
actually I was trying hard to get ANOTHER automobile one word dot xyz. for 2500 $.

I had money from several mid xxx sales,
The problem is it is very difficult from my country to pay in US dollar. so I was delayed and the buyer sold somewhere else.

somehow I managed the money and paid for this

suddenly I noticed there is an auction coming on for two letter domains in any extension.

but my friends are saying that is a very good name.

Should i submit it for sedo two- letter auction?
Or flippa?

Or I try a expert broker service or outbound myself?

this is a premium domain so renewal no one is high.

so my strategy is selling quick in the biggest price.

you can share what he would have done your domain and you would like to sell it within an hour before the renewal comes.


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Since you are in dire need for a sale (assuming you don't want to pay high renewal fees), I would submit it in the Sedo 2 letter auction. Can you at least place a minimum starting price for the 2 letter? Even if not, I would still consider placing it. Sedo is good, and while other aftermarket domain places are rising, Sedo is still one of the best.


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This is super premium domain. No auction will help you get real value.
Exceptional case where I can suggest outbound (not spamming) or list on BIN with afternic and forget. List on other platforms, as many as possible. Good luck.

you should have thought of the renewal cost before purchase. Now you just have plan to cope with it.
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...create matching social media handle and promote it. Post links to relevant articles on social media and hashtag the domain.

OP: Please don't. Nobody wants to see yet another domain name promoted on social media. It feels spammy and looks desperate.

To maximize your sales price, put a BIN on it at all marketplaces and on a Dan lander with 12 month financing and wait for the right buyer to enter the market for such a domain name. Allow make offer if you are willing to consider offers and be flexible on price.