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How does Ethereum and VIP relate to each other? I cant even find one reported prior domain sale containing 'ethereum' Feels $REGFEE

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Raymond C

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507 for vip members of ethereum. Can be valuable in 2-3 years time $2800 plus

Just registered Ethereum.Green for energy conscious and eco friendly users.
Are you talking about the new Ethereum cryptocurrency tech? I don't see how .vip relates particularly well to that.


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I think it could have some good potential in the future. Especially considering THE DAO did some record figures and they used Ether as their main currency.....

I mean Bitcoin.Vip would certainly have some good value so I don't see why Ethereum.Vip won't have good value in the future. It's a solid crypto-currency as well and one that is growing in value. My advice is to hang onto it for a while then put it on the market in about a years time or so.
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