ENS and what it means to use a sub-address as your wallet.

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    So a lot of people are wondering what the ENS is all about and what to make of all this blockchain and crypto talk.

    What a lot of people don't know, is that one day, everyone on planet earth will have a wallet address that's secure, and easy to remember, and accessible from any device.

    Some people might say "I need two or five addresses"

    This is where ENS comes into play.

    If I owned say Ization.eth, I could have people send me cryptocurrency to that address, whilst still benefiting from the security of an encrypted address line. Plus it doubles down as a domain name.

    Let's say I need to have two address or five. I could simple add "SUB-ADDRESSES"

    ization.eth becomes the following:

    token .ization .eth

    global .ization .eth

    industrial .ization .eth

    You must see where I'm going with this. You can turn one domain/wallet address, into as many sub-addresses you need, just by registering through ENS or buying aftermarket from BrandBookie.

    This is happening right now, and I've locked in a couple neat wallet addresses for myself, from Ethereum, because Ethereum is secure and will remain that way.
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