NameSilo LLLL, estibot value $2600, $30 Bid Start

Labeled as auction in Domain Auctions started by Nashid, May 29, 2018.


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    Triple Pattern!

    Estibot Value $2600

    These domains Sells very High on Sedo

    See the selling history of four letter de (Statistics from Namebio)

    adag at de 3,141 USD 2018-05-09 Sedo
    psmh at de 2,550 USD 2018-04-18 Sedo
    foxy at de 616 USD 2018-03-31 Sedo
    jaas at de 3,088 USD 2018-03-28 Sedo
    coah at de 431 USD 2018-02-21 Sedo
    thea at de 261 USD 2018-02-16 Sedo
    scen at de 1,223 USD 2018-02-09 Sedo
    ngin at de 14,615 USD 2018-02-07 Sedo
    dfhn at de 3,683 USD 2018-01-23 Sedo
    pens at de 29,065 USD 2018-01-16 Sedo

    In auction for 24 Hours until 8pm 5/29/2018

    Paypal or Skrill

    $30 bid start, $5 bidding increments

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