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    I'm considering serializing my novel and self-publishing on kindle. Should I just offer it in ebook format or also consider a paper book? I've been wondering if readers of serialized fiction actually just prefer reading it as an ebook rather than buying each part in physical format. Also, what kind of extra work would it involve if I want to offer the series in paperback?

    Does anyone have any experience with serialized self-publishing and the difference between just ebook vs also giving the paperback option?

    Gustavo Woltmann.
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    Haven't published yet on Kindle but by researching on web I can say,
    No extra effort is needed for Physical i.e Paperback. There is an option to choose while submitting a book on kindle.

    and on Physical vs Digital:
    When it comes to books digital is Never going to replace physical fully, imo.
    also, people love to keep a copy on the shelf when it is a novel.

    good luck.

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